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Semi Trucks

Extreme Auto Detailing can service one truck or a complete fleet. From an exterior wash package to complete detailing package, or a custom built package to suit your needs, we do it all. Contact Extreme Auto Detailing’s Semi Truck Division in Brooklyn Heights, OH for a free estimate.   We detail for many different Semi Truck Dealerships in Northeast Ohio.
If you are a dealer and looking to get your semi trucks prepped for sale, or just need more information,  please call Tim Tsirambidis at 216-323-2432.

Here is a list of services we do:

  • Wash with wax formulated soap
  • Pressure wash underside of semi & degrease back
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Clean door jams, and treat seals
  • Clean rims, tires, & inner fender wheels
  • Clean fuel tanks and exhaust pipes
  • High Speed Buff Hand wax complete exterior of semi with professional Teflon paint sealant
  • Treat tires with deluxe shine treatment
  • Teflon treat rims if rims are chrome treated
  • Treat all exterior plastic trim
  • Vacuum complete interior
  • Shampoo carpets, floor mats, seats & headliner
  • Clean windows inside
  • Clean vinyl with specialized cleaner
  • Treat all seals & interior trim with treatment
  • All cracks and crevices dusted and cleaned as needed
  • Treat tires with treatment
  • Clean & treat leather seats (if equipped)
  • And much more

Here are some before and after pictures of a truck we detailed for a local dealership:

DSCN0324.1    DSCN0324.2    DSCN0313.1    DSCN0313.2

After    After    DSCN0315.1    DSCN0315.2

Before    After    DSCN0316.1    After

Click here for more before and after images